Project Description

Life in the wild can be tough, and for many, the best way to survive is by hiding from predators in plain sight. One of nature’s most impressive masters of disguise is the octopus, which can change colour and texture in less than a second, blending into its surroundings with incredible accuracy.

South West producer Jonathon Morgan aka Octo Pi has similar attributes, a laid back, quiet individual with the ability to carve striking, powerful soundscapes,  that leap out of the surroundings with ferocious force and surprise ; AFT’s deep water specialist arrives with his debut album and it’s simply breath taking.

Hunted recently by Viper and Drum and Bass Arena delivering huge tracks for both labels, Octo PI’s album continues with the same aggressive, winding, dancefloor driven stabs we have come to expect. We won’t break down each tune for you, we will let you press play and submerge deeper on this musical journey into the depths.