Project Description

Planky is a  Hampshire based super producer, currently working on his debut album for AFT Raps.

Recently Planky has managed to enlist a crazy list of strong guest stars which kicked of with his release ‘Word’ which was a the perfect opener for the project, with four of the UK’s leading MCs stepping into the booth.

Smellington Piff, Micall Parknsun, Leaf Dog & Chester P all bring their respective flows to the mix, resulting in a potent blend of humour & lyricism.

The production for Word started out 10 years ago, as a collaboration between Planky and fellow producer Lyptikal, with the latter putting the original loop together. Now we find ourselves a decadeon and Planky has revamped the original beat and given it a new life in the hip hop world.

This led on to him working with the likes of Ransom Badbones, Harry Shotta, Carasel, Akill of Jurrasic 5 and heaps more making his album one of the most exciting prospects to surface in UK Hip Hop for a while.

The production style is testament to Planky’s understanding of the culture, while also serving as a fine insight into his ever-burgeoning production & DJing skills. Recently he has slammed down at his residency at the Bristol AFT Raps shows and has provided guest mixes for the BBC.

We at Agent 82 are super excited for the future of UK Rap with Planky at the wheel!